Humanscale is the leading manufacturer of ergonomic office tools. From task chairs to LED lighting, Humanscale products create a more comfortable place to work. Their award-winning designs are created with simplicity and performance in mind and are developed alongside ergonomic experts in order to improve the health, efficiency and quality of work life.



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Featured Products


Monitor Arms

Meet the revolutionary new monitor arm line: M2.1 and M8.1.

Featuring innovations like Humanscale’s patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and Smart Stop functionality, these adjustable monitor arms enable the personalisation and flexibility needed for today’s evolving workplaces.

There’s no time for discomfort in today’s fast-paced, fully connected digital world. Humanscale ergonomic monitor arms are dynamic adjustable, for instant personalisation of the workspace by the user for improved comfort, health, and productivity. View monitor arm range here.


Ergonomic Seating

World Task Chairs
Simplicity is at the core of every Humanscale products. Each design is incredibly easy to use with the fewest parts and controls possible. The Diffrient World Task chair features an unprecedented combination of performance, sustainability and simplicity.

Featuring easy and automatic adjustments, minimal maintenance and 15 years warranty on components.

Easy, automatic adjustments for the user - minimal maintenance - 15 years warranty on components.
Find out more about World task chairs.
View all ergonomic seating range.


M/Connect2 Docking Station

The M/Connect2 USB-C*, dual-video docking station is a unique innovation that merges ergonomics and technology. M/Connect2 gives easy access to user ports and conceals IT ports to eliminate cable clutter.

The monitor arm dock improves comfort, health, and productivity while offering instant use of all devices through universal Plug and Display™ device usage.

*Backwards compatible with USB-C to USB-A adapter included.

Check out M/Connect2 Key Features or talk to us to learn more.


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From Fishing Nets to Pellets to Chairs


Incorporating almost 1 kilogram of recycled NetPlus material, Smart Ocean is the embodiment of Humanscale’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

The material is from discarded ocean fishing nets collected and recycled by Bureo, an emerging venture developing innovative solutions to prevent ocean plastic pollution. The nets are transformed into plastic pellets and then used to manufacture Smart Ocean chairs. Smart Ocean is the first-ever ergonomic chair to be built with recycled net

and is also certified by the International Living Future Institute to the full Living Product Challenge — meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria to date.

Featuring the same Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and transparent functionality as the Diffrient Smart chair, Smart Ocean instantly adjusts to each unique user — as if each chair was made for them. With an aesthetic driven by functionality, Smart Ocean has a timeless beauty that’s universally relevant in any workspace.



Product Warranty



Humanscale offers the following warranties on its products, subject to any exclusions and limitations as set forth in the full Terms & Conditions via the link below:

Product Warranty
QuickStand Sit/Stand Workstation, QuickStand Lite, QuickStand Eco, QuickStand Underdesk 5 Years, 24/7 Warranty
M/Connect, M/Connect 2 3 Years, 24/7 Warranty
M2.1, M/Flex & Para/Flex Monitor Arms 15 Years, 24/7 Warranty
All seating and products detailed in current Humanscale Price Guide, unless otherwise specified 15 Years, 24/7 Warranty

For full terms and conditions please visit:



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