The space saving POS mounting solution


POS hardware and payment equipment is used in a vast range of locations, often where space is at a premium. Retailers cannot afford to take up valuable counter space with IT equipment – space that is needed for display, scanning and packing, or to meet an uncluttered design ethos.

POS needs to be installed to meet design requirements; to be easy for staff and customers to access; to be aesthetically pleasing and in line with store design; to be safe; to allows users to be in an ergonomically sound position. Mounting POS and payments equipment to meet all these requirements can be a headache for retailers, events and hospitality venues.


The choice of millions, worldwide

Ergonomic Solutions, creators of SpacePole, are the leading designer and supplier of POS hardware and payment equipment mounting systems. There are over 7 million Ergonomic Solutions POS mounting solutions around the world, used by supermarkets, department stores, chemists, convenience stores, homeware, footwear and fashion retailers as well as banks and public transport.

Business choose Ergonomic Solutions because:

  • It saves space – POS equipment is raised off the counter, leaving space free for retail operations.
  • It ensures an ergonomically safe working environment for staff – Ergonomic Solutions mounts are configurable and can be adjusted for individual user requirements, to reduce cashier strain.
  • Improved productivity – the sales area is well organised and the point of sale equipment is easy and efficient to use
  • Customer convenience and satisfaction – payment devices and customer displays are readily accessible
  • Flexibility – Ergonomic Solutions is compatible with POS equipment from all leading vendors and  pin-pad technology from all the leading banks and All equipment is secured in one place with hidden attachment points
  • Safety – cables can be neatly clipped to the exterior or securely run inside the poles

Ergonomic Solutions’s innovative solutions are relied on to solve POS mounting headaches. 




POS Mounting

Designed for displays, printers and other technology



Mount your retail payment hardware safely and securely



See how you can use the latest tablet and mobile technology to power your business


POS Mounting

A retail focused range desiged for the checkout and counter environments. Mounting with Ergonomic Solutions delivers better use of counter space and enhance productivity. The retailer will have more space for product promotions, faster transaction times, safer device / cable management and increased staff comfort just to name a few benefits.

How it works

Select a basic kit and then personalise with product-specific peripherals and accessories as required.


EFTPOS Mounting

Many retailers overlook the importance of safely mounted payment hardware to comply with the latest PCI regulations. Reduce call outs, hardware failures and protect against theft and data breaches with this durable range of payment mounting solutions.

How it works

Select the base mount: either DuraTilk or Stack, then select the MultiGrip plate that fits your payment terminal model.


Tablet Enclosures

A comprehensive range of tablet-ready technology enclosures deliver environmentally hardened, high quality mounts. Multiple mounting options available for both static and mobile applications, empowering your workforce to maximise the advantages of tablet use.


Retail or hospitality, customer / operator facing, mPOS, mobile event work, wall/floor mounts, public kiosk stands, information points.



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