Pioneer POS

The ultimate in flexible POS

Most POS vendors have a fixed range of products and the customer must adapt their requirements to the available configurations.

Not Pioneer POS.

They understand that some clients, including software ISVs, want to have a POS terminal that is an exact fit to their requirements, with no adaptation, no compromise. Many of them also want to be able to sell the POS under their own brand. These clients understand the value of offering the market a unique product, one that can be bundled into a complete solution with their application, one that is an exact match to their app’s requirements, and one on which they cannot be price-checked or undercut.

Pioneer POS is the ultimate adaptable hardware vendor. They specialise in building products to a client’s exact and unique specification. A solution that can be branded by the customer as part of their total solution and one that really helps them to add value in their market. 

Peace of mind with Sektor support

The Pioneer solution is enhanced by Sektor’s own warranty to ensure that the total system offers the peace of mind that its customers need.

The Pioneer solutions are built from a selection of base products that offer a complete system for a range of end user environments.

Mobile POS options include a 7 in mobile tablet or a 10in tablet with optional mounts to convert to countertop use. All options are highly rugged and resistant and have a versatile set of choices for integrated peripheral devices

All-in-one POS hardware has options for a range of display sizes, touch terminal technology, options for integrated printer, customer display, and other peripherals. 

Healthcare terminals have similar configuration options, along with manufacture from anti-microbial materials to help prevent the spread of infection.