Zebra Enterprise

Enterprise Visibility  

Successful organisations understand the value of real-time information to deliver visibility across the enterprise, for smart decision making and efficiency.  Zebra is a leader in intelligent, enterprise solutions for real-time information capture. Their world-leading range of products automate the collection process and harness the power of networking to make the data visible and actionable.

Extended usability

Zebra’s strength is not only in the excellence of its products – the  scanners, printers, enterprise PDTs, stocktaking hardware, inventory management hardware,  tablets,  RFID devices and beacons for which it is globally renowned – but also in the utilities and support that enhance them, including  

  • Application developer support to build apps to integrate the captured data into ERP systems
  • Staging
  • Security management to ensure access only to approved applications; 
  • Custom keyboards on tablets
  • Identifying and capturing strings of data from a scan of a whole document such as a consignment note or medical record.
  • Extended OS upgrades – standard Android security upgrades are included for two years; Zebra offers a minimum of 5 years (or longer if the product is still supported), so that the OS, like their hardware, becomes a true enterprise grade system.

Industries and applications

Zebra products add value in a range of industries and applications:

Retailers use Zebra inventory management hardware for essential functions including  inventory control, stock put-away, shelf replenishment, cycle counts, labelling, markdown, store transfer, clientelling and price lookup.  

In transport and logistics, Zebra products are used throughout the process, from track and trace to ‘sign on glass’ receipt.  

Field mobility – couriers, sales reps, utilities workers and onsite service providers use Zebra products to scan assets and update inventory, revenue and maintenance records.

Healthcare providers use Zebra products to streamline clinical workflows and enhance hospital efficiency, identifying patients, tracking them through the facility to ensure that they get the right treatment, and instant update of records.