Duo, a division of Sektor, represents the largest global cyber security brands such as Check Point, McAfee, RSA, SailPoint...
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Point of Sale
The acceptance of technology in retail has undergone a dramatic change – it is now recognised as a valuable driver ...
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Mobile computing is about giving someone the IT tools to access systems at the point at which they are doing their...
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There is a seismic shift happening in the world of networking – as businesses realise its potential to deliver far more...
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Security cameras are an integral feature of our lives – whether we are shopping, travelling,...
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Improving the triangle of care means building a healthy, productive environment between the patient, the...
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Health and wellbeing are important business metrics and employers recognise importance of ergonomically...
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Armis Enters NZ Market
Agentless Security for IoT
Providing Security & Asset Management Solutions
Axis SMB Cyber Protected Kits
Mix & Match Axis S3008 Recorder NVR
Combine With a Wide Range of Cameras and Speakers
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Zebra Healthcare Scanners
Put Performance in Their Hands
Empowering Frontline Staff With a Performance Edge
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Calling all ISVs
Maximise your channel connections with Sektor to grow your business
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Seal Shield Antimicrobial Screen Protectors
Help prevent the spread of infection on touchscreen devices