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Check this page regularly for the latest upcoming and recent vendor webinars, including links to past webinars with on-demand viewing links. 

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Upcoming Webinars

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27 November

28 November

29 November

Zebra: MC9400/MC9450 External Webinar (English), 1pm NZT

30 November

1 December

4 December

5 December

6 December

7 December

8 December



Recent Webinars & On-Demand Webinars

The webinars below are arranged in reverse chronological order. Some of our vendors provide on-demand viewing of webinars or resources to download. Please contact your Sektor representative or email to enquire about specific sessions of your interest.

Also available are McAfee's Customer Facing Webinars that are available as live and on-demand archived webinars:

20 November

21 November

22 November

Zebra: TC22/TC27 & HC20/HC50 External Webinar, 8pm NZT

Proofpoint: Augment M365 Defence, 2:30pm NZT

23 November

Zebra: ZD230TA Desktop Printer Launch Webinar, 4pm NZT

24 November

13 November

14 November

15 November

Neat: Technical Update, 1pm NZT

Yubico: Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe on the Internet, 8am NZT

Skyhigh: Ai - Understanding its Magic, Protecting against Reality, 6pm NZT

16 November

Extreme: Partner Demand Center (PDC), 8am NZT

17 November

30 October

31 October

1 November

Yubico: Holiday shopping is underway: are you protecting yourself online?, Ondemand NZT

2 November


3 November

6 November

7 November

8 November

Honeywell Webinar: Productivity Solutions and Services Launch Webinar November 2023, 4pm NZT

9 November

Yubico: Fast, Out-of-the-Box FIDO Activation with Yubico and Okta, Ondemand NZT

10 November

23 October

24 October

25 October

26 October

Proofpoint: Break the Attack Chain, 2:30pm NZT

27 October

Check Point: Navigating the Digital Transformation Highway: Managing Risk in the Cloud, 5pm NZT

16 October

17 October

18 October

Neat: The Importance of Meeting Equity and Consistency For Hybrid Workers, 3:30pm NZT

19 October

20 October

25 September

26 September

27 September

28 September

Checkpoint: Creating Cyber Security Resiliency, 3:30pm NZT

29 September

18 September

19 September

20 September

Zebra: Introducing Zebra Rewards: A New Way to Earn More , 5:30pm NZT

21 September

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training - Channel Only Licensing, 12pm NZT

Proofpoint Essentials: Small Business, Big Threats, 2pm NZT

22 September

11 September


12 September

Zebra: ZQ600 Plus Wi-Fi 6 Launch, 3pm NZT

13 September

14 September

15 September

17 July

18 July

19 July

20 July

Proofpoint: Security Awareness— Easy Win. Faster Sale, 1pm NZT

21 July

24 July

25 July

26 July

Zebra: Meet Bartec – Zebra’s OEM Partner for Hazardous Area Solutions, 5pm NZT

Neat: Technical Update, 1pm NZT

Yubico: Passkeys for your Enterprise? Key considerations for success, Ondemand NZT

27 July

Proofpoint: Building a Strong Security Culture, 1:30pm NZT

28 July

31 July

1 August

2 August

Silverfort, Microsoft & DUO: Zero Trust with Adaptive Access Controls, 9am NZT

3 August

4 August

10 July

11 July

Neat: A New Workflow for a New Era, 3:30pm NZT

12 July

13 July

14 July

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3 July

4 July

5 July

6 July

Zebra: Services Webinar | De-mystifying DMS (Device Managed Services), VIQF Updates & Others, 5:30pm NZT

7 July

26 June

27 June

28 June

29 June

Yubico: Safeguard IT/OT Ecosystems: Phishing-Resistant Authentication, Hardware-Backed Security Using Zero Trust Principles, Ondemand NZT

30 June

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