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Upcoming Webinars

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 June

2 June

Check Point, Cloud Cyber Security Summit, multiple sessions starting 1pm NZT

Zebra, 2020 & Beyond: Navigating the New Norm (Live Stream Event), 11am NZT

Yubico, Sales Enablement for Yubico Channel Partners Session #1, 9pm NZT

3 June

Axis, Audio Series - Part One: Fundamentals of Network Audio, 3pm NZT

Honeywell, Honeywell ANZ Partner Insights Webinar - Healthcare, 3:30pm NZT

4 June

Axis, Audio Series - Part Two: Manage and Control Your Audio System, 3pm NZT

Extreme Networks, Establishing the #NewNormal, 2pm NZT

Zebra, Mitigate and Minimize Disruption Impact in Healthcare with Technology Now, 3pm NZT

5 June

Axis, Audio Series - Part Three: Network Audio for Security, 3pm NZT

Zebra, Retail Supply Chain in The Time of Disruption - Evolve The State of Retail For Customers of The Future, 2:30pm NZT

8 June

9 June

Zebra, Zebra OneCare Technical and Software Support Service (TSS), 5pm NZT

10 June

Axis, Axis Perimeter Defender, 3pm NZT

HP, Security in Action: HP DaaS Proactive Security, 1pm NZT

Yubico, Sales Enablement for Yubico Channel Partners Session #2, 9pm NZT

11 June 12 June
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
15 June

16 June

Yubico, Sales Enablement for Yubico Channel Partners Session #3, 9pm NZT

17 June

Axis, Fundamentals of Thermal Imaging Cameras, 3pm NZT

18 June 19 June
22 June 23 June

24 June

Honeywell, Honeywell New Product and Offering Launch Webinar, 4pm NZT

25 June

RSA, How the Dynamic Workforce is Changing Threat Detection and Response, 4pm NZT


26 June



Recent Webinars

The webinars below are arranged in reverse chronological order. Some of our vendors provide on-demand viewing of webinars or resources to download. Please contact your Sektor representative or email to enquire about specific sessions of your interest.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
25 May 26 May

27 May

McAfee, Automation for the People: How the Robots Make Your SOC More Human-Dependent, 2pm NZT

28 May

Extreme, The Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Workshop, 3pm NZT

Zebra, Accelerate Your Business Growth: Succeeding In An Age of Disruption with Digitized Supply Chains and Warehouse Modernization, 2pm NZT

29 May
18 May

19 May

Zebra Launch : TC21/TC26 Touch Computer, 6:30pm NZT

20 May

Axis Camera selections: how to select the correct Axis camera for each scenario, 3pm NZT

Humanscale, Antimicrobials and the Workplace: What You Need to Know, 1pm NZT

McAfee, Accelerating BornSecure Cloud Services with Atlassian, 2pm NZT

Yubico technical training session #3 - Smart card / PIV, 4pm NZT

21 May

McAfee, Data Protection in a Cloud-first, location-agnostic, and increasingly work-from-home world, 2pm NZT

Zebra, Retail Supply Chain in the Time of Disruption - Evolve the State of Retail for Customers of the Future, 3pm NZT

22 May

Extreme Networks, What’s New in XIQ, 2:00pm NZT

RSA, SecurID Partner SE Community 2nd Session, On Demand

Zebra, SEA Partner Webinar Series: Enterprise Mobile Computer, 2pm NZT

11 May

12 May

SailPoint@Home #10 Setting up FAM projects for success, 3pm NZT

Yubico Technical training session #2 - FIDO U2F & FIDO 4pm NZT

13 May

Axis camera action rules (event management, triggers, schedules, motion detection), 3pm NZT

Checkpoint, Raising your security level with Security Compliance, 3pm NZT

Honeywell, Business Updates & New Product Introduction, 3:30pm NZT

14 May

Durabook, Durabook Inside, 8pm NZT

Zebra, Managing Disruption in Manufacturing - Now, Next and Beyond, 3pm NZT

15 May

FLIR, Protecting Critical Infrastructure with Radar, 11am NZT

4 May

5 May

Check Point: Quantum Launch, 5pm NZT

Extreme, APJC: Grow Your Business with Partner Marketing and Campaign Center, 2:30pm NZT

SailPoint@Home #9 IdentityIQ File Access Manager, 3pm NZT

6 May

Axis, What is new? Latest products in 2020, 3pm NZT

7 May

FLIR, Thermal Fence FC-ID Solution, 11am NZT

RSA Web-series: Go Passwordless – FIDO For Dynamic Workforces, 2pm NZT

8 May

Check Point: An Executive Perspective with Jerry Ungerman, 2pm NZT

Humanscale, Rise to the Challenge: Adapting & Designing for the New Normal, 1pm NZT

Zebra Technologies Channel Partners Product Training - Asset Intelligence Tracking (AIT), 2pm NZT