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Sektor extends partnership with Zebra Technologies to include Vietnam

Sektor Ltd 15/06/2020

Sektor is pleased to announce the opening of its Vietnam distribution operations in support of the local reseller and partner community. With its head office in Ho Chi Minh, Sektor has put together a highly-skilled industry focused team to drive growth for and on behalf of its vendor partnerships.

“We have been very selective when it comes to our next investment in South East Asia. As a rising economy, Vietnam presents itself with vast opportunities and a growing demand for ba...

Sektor Ltd to distribute Ergotron complete range of healthcare solutions

Sektor Ltd 30/04/2020

Sektor is delighted to announce that it will distribute Ergotron’s complete range of healthcare solutions.

Ergotron’s industry-leading range of healthcare solutions is designed to help clinicians work more comfortably and efficiently so they can focus more of their energy on patient care.

COVID-19: Ways to get financial help for your business

Sektor Ltd 08/04/2020

A summary guide on Government aid available to help your keep the lights on, retain and support your staff with financial aid, manage cash flow with the finance guarantee scheme and tax relief, and advice if you need to consider redundancies in light of COVID-19.

Current as at 8 April 2020.

COVID-19 Updates from Sektor

Rhys Warren, Sektor CEO 18/03/2020

As a valued customer we want to keep you up to date on the actions Sektor is taking to keep you, your staff and our staff safe during this rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. To keep up to date with what we are doing with COVID-19 please visit our News page

NZ Post Delivery Changes due to COVID-19

Sektor Ltd 16/03/2020

Our delivery partners, NZ Post (including CourierPost and Pace) have updated their delivery protocol as of Monday 16 March to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections. 

Click here to read the full announcement from NZ Post. 

Aerohive Networks/Extreme Networks Update

Sektor Inc. 12/03/2020

With Extreme Networks' acquisition of Aerohive Networks now complete, Sektor is pleased to announce that we are now distributing an extensive range of cloud and on-premise wired and wireless technology solutions to our partners.


Beyond the barcode scanner: How Datalogic can help you offer frictionless service

Sektor Ltd 18/02/2020

Today’s customer expects better, faster, frictionless service. To meet those expectations, retailers need to adapt their processes to become more efficient, more accurate and provide more visibility across their supply chain. Datalogic can help.


What the fox... is cyber security about?

Sektor Ltd 18/02/2020

When we talk about cybersecurity, we mean the things we do to protect ourselves from attacks that come from the internet. Attackers are after us because we all have personal or work information that's worth the tidy sum to willing buyers. Most people think a cyber-attack won't happen to them. Because we can't see what happens in the cyber world, we don't take the same care with things we do online that we do in real life.

Case Study: Making The Invisible Visible

Sektor Ltd 23/01/2020
Durabook U11I purpose-built with ruggedness and connectivity for outdoor conditions that survey work is undertaken in, and is powerful enough to run 3D mapping software.


HP Engage Go at Canopy Cancer Care

Sektor Ltd 18/11/2019

Karen Whiting, Marketing Manager at Canopy Cancer Care, explains how the HP Engage Go dockable tablet helps them to provide a world-class level of care here in NZ.