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Ava, world leading cloud-native video surveillance released in Australia and New Zealand

Sektor Ltd 01/07/2021

Ava has recently announced its partnership with Sektor to distribute its cloud-native video surveillance solution throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Hush acoustic pods deliver innovative healthcare facilities to foster good health and wellbeing

Sektor Ltd 12/05/2021

Higher healthcare demands follow from the impacts of COVID and growing populations. This has led organisations to search for flexible and efficient ways to add capacity for healthcare delivery. Trends show that healthcare-related organisations and employers are seeking out new ways to incorporate wellbeing facilities into the workplace, to encourage both mental and physical health after a particularly stressful year.

Armis Enters New Zealand Market

Duo, a division of Sektor 03/05/2021

Armis, the Israeli cybersecurity vendor known for its agentless security for IoT and unmanaged devices is now available in New Zealand. With a large global customer base, including 20% of the Fortune 100, Armis provides security and asset management of IT assets beyond the traditional realm. This includes the traditional enterprise markets but additionally others like healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

The Role of Workstation and Documentation Environments on Nurse Well-Being

Sektor Ltd 28/04/2021

Nurses spend hours at their workstations and many report physical discomfort, and even miss work days because of it. Is it time to re-evaluate your clinic’s workstation experience for nurses?


Win to drive a Tesla Model X with Duo Driver Programme 2021!

Duo, a division of Sektor 29/03/2021


It’s with great pleasure that Duo, a division of Sektor, are able to (re)introduce the Duo Driver Program for 2021!



Kendra Ross Moves to a Board Role for Duo

Sektor Group 04/03/2021

[ Press Release ] Kendra Ross, co-founder and the current General Manager for Duo will move to a role on the Duo Board as she reduces her operational involvement in the business she established 25 years ago.


New Vaccination Cart from Ergotron Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Inside and Outside of Clinics

Sektor Ltd 24/02/2021

Ergotron announced their latest vaccination cart solution to support safe and efficient COVID-19 immunisation workflows. The mobile cart is easy to manoeuvre and has battery options for uninterrupted usage during lengthy shifts. They are now available to purchase in New Zealand.


How to increase clinician facilities without the hassle of a building project

Sektor Ltd 18/12/2020

This year has seen an increasing need to think outside the box. COVID-19 has not only rapidly accelerated the growth of remote appointment delivery, but has affected how clinicians interact with patients face-to-face. These challenges have led to a range of innovations in how care is delivered, as we are forced to adapt quickly to change.


Beyond the clinic: providing access to care in our communities

Sektor Ltd 10/12/2020

Telehealth pods in the community can help clinicians and patients connect remotely. Hush have introduced a range of pod solutions designed specifically with patients in mind. Hush acoustic pods can be set up in 5 hours, creating a portable ‘clinic’ for patients. Find our more in our latest article published in HiNZ.


Telehealth Pods Help Healthcare Providers Improve Care

Sektor Ltd 09/11/2020

There’s no doubt about it – Covid 19 has had a substantial impact on the uptake of telehealth services. Use has soared and the industry has been forced to scale up the use of technology to provide remote care in this new environment.