Introducing Honeywell ScanPal EDA51


Small and medium-sized retail and service businesses are under pressure as never before to improve customer service, increase productivity, and fulfill omni-channel demands in order to compete with larger organizations. They need advanced technology that will help their mobile workforce get more done in less time and enable them to offer a better customer experience, both face to face and behind the scenes, but at a price that won’t break the budget.

The ScanPal EDA51 mobile computer is that tool. Part of Honeywell’s popular ScanPal product line, the ScanPal™ EDA51 mobile computer, built on Android™, features the perfect combination of integrated scanning, powerful processing, intuitive touchscreen interface, and robust connectivity in a rugged, slim ergonomic design.

It's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses to increase productivity in light duty retail, DSD, pickup and delivery, and field service applications. With its intuitive, modern touchscreen design, the ScanPal EDA51 device is as comfortable and easy to use as a consumer smartphone, eliminating any learning curve for your workers. But it’s also rugged enough to survive tough field service and retail environments.

It runs Android™ O and is technically upgradeable through Android Q, giving your business flexibility and built-in investment protection. Plus, it’s backward-compatible with ScanPal EDA50 accessories, allowing you to reuse existing batteries and chargers and reduce your total cost of ownership.


Key Features:

  • Built on Android™ O and technically upgradeable through Android Q for better ROI.
  • Backward-compatible with ScanPal EDA50 accessories.
  • Built tough to withstand multiply 1.2m drops to contrete, with best in class IP64 sealing.
  • Easily capture barcode data, even if damaged, with Honeywell’s best in-class N6603 imager.
  • Complementary Honeywell’s Data Collector stock taking App.

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For more information on EDA51 and the Honeywell ScanPal range,
please contact Andre Timothy on    027 622 2865