The world’s most installed POS

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is the world leader in installed point of sale equipment, offering a complete range of POS hardware, signage, and maintenance.  Formerly IBM Retail Store Solutions, TGCS is renowned for reliability, durability and quality.

The choice of leading global retailers

TGCS products are designed to deliver ‘Brilliant Commerce’ enhancing the customer experience and driving operational efficiency. Customers include many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers, who, with their extensive POS fleets, and staged implementations, value the consistency of supply, the lower power utilisation and advanced remote management features of the TGCS portfolio.  TGCS POS is built for longevity and reduced TCO, with guaranteed maintenance support,  peripherals that are compatible between models and TGCS’s  ‘early warning’ management system that keeps tabs on POS performance and allows preventative action.  Retailers who need to know that their POS will keep going, no matter what, choose TGCS.

Smart design with built-in reliability and ease of management

The TGCS portfolio includes:

  • TCxWave – with a shape inspired by the crest of a wave, the TCxWave appeals to retailers who value style as much as functionality.  Its sleek and compact design is perfect for retail environments with limited space. The TCxWave can be used as an all-in-one POS, or its detachable head can be separately pole or wall mounted.
  • TCx300 -A distributed POS designed for mid-tier retailers, combining TGCS’ toughness and durability with a neat, compact footprint
  • TCx700 -The ‘workhorse’ of the family, the TCx700 is the world’s most widely installed Point of Sale system.
  • SurePOS 500 - An all-in-one POS system that maximises available space with its streamlined form, and which is popular with events and hospitality venues.
  • Self-checkout System 6 - The award winning, modular design of the System 6 SCO helps retailers deliver an outstanding self-service experience to customers. Highly configurable and with the option of banknote recycling, the System 6 is the ultimate in flexibility.