License Plate Recognition & OCR solutions

Available in both Axis Edge and Server variations, Vaxtor designs software solutions suited for high performance license plate and optical character recognition uses, such as parking, access control, urban security, traffic control, container ID recognition and more.

This reliable and flexible technology is trusted globally with thousands of systems deployed worldwide. Vaxtor technology can be integrated with most brands of security and access control hardware, and can be embedded on select Axis cameras, also available through Sektor.



VaxALPR On-Camera

LPR technology embedded in Axis cameras for real time detection & recognition. Available for all Axis models using ARTPEC-4, ARTPEC-5 and ARTPEC-6 chips.

Ideal for: Parking access control, urban environments, smart surveillance.

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Advanced software for license plate recognition on a PC platform, live from one or more video streams. Compatible with any camera that supports RTSP stream.

Easy to install and use, it is designed for rapid start-up in simple scenarios and expert configurations in more complex scenarios.

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VaxOCR Containers

Automatic detection and recognition of container codes based on the international standard ISO 6346.

Ideal for: Airport and harbour logistics, container inventory and surveillance, border control.

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