Aerohive Networks

Number one in cloud networking

Aerohive is an enterprise networking provider offering high quality, premium solutions for end to end management of WiFi connectivity.   They help enterprises to simplify network management, unlock insights and reduce costs.

Enterprises need WiFi – for their employees, for their customers, for their patients, guests or students.  For work, healthcare, shopping, logistics or leisure – mobile devices and connectivity are an integral part of daily life. Enterprises need to provide WiFi access points and they need to manage that WiFi – to ensure the right service levels, with the appropriate security at a manageable cost.

Recognising that for enterprises implementing end-to-end WiFi access points, ease of management and control of costs are paramount, Aerohive were first to market with a cloud based WiFi management solution and are still one of the only vendors to offer it.  With many apps and hosting environments now also delivered through the cloud, enterprises understand the value in also managing their WiFi this way, and love the lower TCO that it delivers. 

Organisations offering internal and guest WiFi access need a commercial grade service, far more robust and with more functionality than a consumer offering. Enterprise WiFi from Aerohive gives them just that; it provides a solid WiFi backbone, the ability to roam freely and quickly throughout the facility, advanced security and VPN access from outside the campus.

Aerohive in use

Aerohive’s customers use their WiFi management to enhance their business in a range of ways;

  • Retailers use Aerohive in-store to support inventory control (stocktake, cycle counts, replenishment, and markdown) from mobile devices.
  • Industrial manufacturers use Aerohive to scan production lines for quality control
  • Warehousing operations support receipt and put-away of goods with Aerohive and PDAs.

Aerohive excel in customer support and work with clients, including on-site, to ensure that they are getting the very best from Aerohive products.