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Aerohive is an enterprise networking provider offering high quality, premium solutions for end to end management of Wi-Fi connectivity. They help enterprises to simplify network management, unlock insights and reduce costs.

Enterprises need Wi-Fi – for their employees, for their customers, for their patients, guests or students.  For work, healthcare, shopping, logistics or leisure – mobile devices and connectivity are an integral part of daily life. Enterprises need to provide Wi-Fi access points and they need to manage that Wi-Fi – to ensure the right service levels, with the appropriate security at a manageable cost.

Recognising that for enterprises implementing end-to-end Wi-Fi access points, ease of management and control of costs and access are paramount, Aerohive were first to market with a cloud based Wi-Fi management solution and are still one of the only vendors to offer it. With many apps and hosting environments now also delivered through the cloud, enterprises understand the value in also managing their Wi-Fi this way, and love the lower TCO that it delivers. Enterprise Wi-Fi and HiveManager from Aerohive gives them just that; it provides a solid Wi-Fi backbone, the ability to manage their network freely and quickly throughout the facility plus advanced security and VPN access from outside the campus.

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End of Sale Notification

  • HiveManager Classic Online and On Premises will be End of Sale to new customers as of 30 June 2019.
  • VPN Gateway Classic - will be End of Sale to new customers as of 30 June 2019.
  • ID Manager (HiveManager Classic) - will be End of Sale to new customers as of 30 June 2019.
  • With all products above, existing Customers can continue to purchase new licences or renew existing entitlement keys.
  • For more info on End-of-life products, visit "".


Q3 Bundle Deals

We have bundle deals on AP630, AP650 and AP650X valid until 30 September 2019. Please reference promo codes when ordering.

Please download promo PDF brochure for full T&Cs.

HiveManager Promo Code Description
HMNG AX-4X3-PROMO-AP630 AP630 4 for 3
Buy four AP630 802.11ax Access Points for the price of THREE
HMNG AX-4X3-PROMO-AP650 AP650 4 for 3
Buy four AP650 802.11ax Access Points for the price of THREE
HMNG AX-4X3-PROMO-AP650X AP650X 4 for 3
Buy four AP650X 802.11ax Access Points for the price of THREE


HMNG Migration Tips & Benefits

Now would be an ideal time to revisit your existing Aerohive customer base and start the conversations around migrating to HiveManager NG (Next Generation). If they have valid licensing and support there is no cost from an Aerohive perspective. Please view the ‘Migration Benefits’ PDF for an overview to assist in your customer conversations. Details on migration scenarios are included here.

Sektor is here to assist making the transition process from Classic to NG as smooth as possible for your customers. Get in touch for help with Licensing transfer/migration, tips and advice on network policy and configuration and any technical guidance required.



Featured Products & Solutions


AP150W Indoor Wall Plate

AP150W transforms any existing Ethernet jack into a versatile and compact cloud-managed AP and Switch for connectivity. Key use cases include dorm rooms, hotels/motels, long term care units or other multi-dwelling-unit deployments.

Private Client Groups

Aerohive Private Client Groups is the industry’s first Room Area Network (RAN) solution. It can securely manage and control network services based on micro-location, without substantial overheads and maintaining network performance and user experience.

Aerohive SR2300 Switches

SR2300 series switches are an ideal solution for higher education and campus deployments where high scalability, manageability, reliability and high-bandwidth uplinks are required. For customers ready for HiveManager.

Aerohive SD-WAN for SMBs

SD-WAN allows businesses to build higher-performance WANs over their standard Internet plans, which can replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS or leased lines.


Cloud management with HiveManager

HiveManager Overview  
  • Reduce costs and complexity of distributed deployments with centralized cloud management
  • Subscription-free cloud management with a seamless upgrade path to advanced services
  • True out-of-band operation for uninterrupted network operation and optimal performance
  • Unified SD-LAN and SD-WAN management including access points, switches and routers
  • Intelligent and automated troubleshooting assistant reduces downtime
  • Open APIs provide additional analytics and insights with support for 3rd party applications
  • See an extensive summary of HiveManger's features and functionalities here
Voice-driven Interface  

We are entering a new era of network management with an AI-driven HiveManager. No longer will you have to log into your NMS from your smartphone when someone messages you about network issues. You can just ask Alexa!

Read more about this exciting new innovation in Aerohive's blog post!

Aerohive Hierarchical HiveManager  

Aerohive platforms have been built with MSPs in mind and it has role-based functions that allow administrators, operations, and viewer-only functionality. Aerohive has also built Hierarchical HiveManager (HHM) to allow MSPs to have multiple customers under a single unit, but only provide access to the data that each customer is supposed to see. Read more about HHM in Aerohive's blog post!



Aerohive in use

Aerohive’s customers use their Wi-Fi management to enhance their business in a range of ways:

Retail Analytics & Management

Retailers use Aerohive in-store to support inventory control and provide retail analytics to support a variety of decisions; from promotions planning to employee scheduling.

Warehouse Management

Warehousing operations support receipt and put-away of goods with Aerohive and PDAs. HiveManager ensures that warehouse managers can readily connect and manage the wireless network with their laptops.

Time & Attendance Analysis

Time & Attendance analytics inside a corporate office can provide information for use in space planning, employee hot-desking or network analysis. This use case can be enabled by location and identity APIs.


Customer Stories

Here are some case studies of successful implementations by Aerohive customers:

Aerohive Wi-Fi solution delivers invaluable customer insights and identifies shopper preferences. The NorthWest Shopping Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, is being heralded as the next generation of shopping centre in both design and retail offering. Owned and managed by Stride Property, the centre is a part of Auckland’s Northwest Transformation. Read more about how Linh Luong, Senior Marketing Manager from Stride tackled the challenge at Northwest Shopping Center's 27,000 square meter location with Aerohive here.

What's On

Official Aerohive ACMA Training

Designed for network professionals responsible for managing and supporting wireless LAN networks, this extensive course will provide you with the information and skills necessary to gain an understanding of Aerohive’s cooperative control WLAN architecture.

For full course info and to secure your spot at the next session, please contact Sektor Networking Sales Engineer, Clint Harris.

WPA3 Webinar

WPA3 was announced in 2018 and becomes mandatory for new clients accessing your customer's network from June 2020. It promises to better secure network connection, addressing common concerns with legacy authentication and encryption methods – but supporting it will require some planning.

Join Aerohive's WPA3 workshop online and get everything your customer needs to know on the new security standard and the implications for your customer's network in the next 12 months.