Ava, world leading cloud-native video surveillance released in Australia and New Zealand

Sektor Ltd 01/07/2021

New Zealand, 1st July, 2021 — Ava has recently announced its partnership with Sektor to distribute its cloud-native video surveillance solution throughout Australia and New Zealand. Ava is recognised around the world as being one of a handful of brands that has architected video solutions for a cloud platform. Ava delivers cloud-based analytics from traditional security systems and cloud connected cameras. The power of Ava’s cloud architecture enables them to deliver a human-centric approach unparalleled by traditional systems.

This is the first time the award-winning Ava video solutions will be available in Australia and New Zealand. The Ava cloud video security solution leverages machine learning to provide insights rather than just record video security footage. It helps customers protect business and people proactively, investigate events faster, and access untapped operational insights.

Ava’s powerful AI video management system, Ava Aware, analyses all video feeds from all cameras in real-time. It identifies objects and events and sends instant notifications and alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection.

"By identifying all security threats before they become incidents, organizations can take a more proactive security posture,” said Tormod Ree, CEO, Ava.

Ava Aware delivers end-to-end proactive video security and insight, including integrated video and audio analytics uniquely powered by machine learning algorithms, smart appliances, and smart cameras. The Ava Aware platform can add intelligence to existing CCTV systems helping you to detect threats, human or vehicle and raising alerts to respond in real-time. Ava Aware increases security efficiency, streamlines forensics and searches, and provides valuable operational insights and data. With Ava Aware, users can manage devices and security across sites with simple web and mobile-based interfaces accessible from anywhere without additional plugins or configurations.

“We see the market adopting cloud architecture at an increasing rate in the future. Ava represents the new breed of cloud-based video surveillance and has proven to be the global leader of these systems. We are excited to bring Ava to Australia and New Zealand and enable the channel to deliver these innovative solutions to their customers,” said Andre van Duiven, Managing Director, Sektor New Zealand.

To learn more about Ava Security solutions visit www.avasecurity.com.



About Ava
Ava’s vision as a unified security provider is to help organizations detect, monitor, and respond to threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. The company offers best-in-class insider threat detection cybersecurity solutions, and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data, helping your company see the whole picture to respond quickly.

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Andre van Duiven
Managing Director, Sektor New Zealand
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