Axis is the market leader in network video – they provide ‘smart’ security cameras that not only capture images, but analyse them, and communicate that information to any person or any device on the network.

Axis understands the immense power of video as information and the transformational impact it can have on a business – revolutionising digital security, but also reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving customer service.  

They are innovators, who invented the world’s first network camera and who have continued to bring new technology to the world of digital security and surveillance. Axis is a business intelligence solution provider that specialises in turning video surveillance into valuable business data. 

Axis products use Edge Analytics; an approach that sees data analysis performed at ‘the edge’ of the network -   in this case the camera. By crunching the data at the edge, rather than sending it all back to a central point for analysis, Axis products reduce the formerly prohibitive volume of data going across the network, and dramatically increasing the potential for using video surveillance data.

Axis video security business solutions include:

  • Facial recognition – to give VIPs the best service and to identify and exclude blacklisters
  • Licence plate recognition – for security, traffic flow management and identification of  incidents and accidents
  • Deployable surveillance – for rapid and cost effective set-up of surveillance for temporary requirements or remote locations, where traditional surveillance is too costly
  • People counting –  count customers, passengers or visitors to optimise staffing levels, track response to promotions and plan transport schedule
  • Mobile surveillance – security cameras in moving vehicles, for passenger and staff safety and protection of assets.
  • Perimeter protection – intruder alerts, for protection of property – even in complete darkness.  
  • Sound detection – analysis and detection of warning sounds, with alerts for enhanced security and early warning

Axis’ aim is to increase the security of millions of people worldwide and to help drive a smarter, safer world.