Axis Communications is a world leader in surveillance solutions. We’re delighted to introduce four new AXIS products designed for customers who take security and employee and public safety seriously.

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Panoramic surveillance cameras – for city streets, carparks, public spaces, hallways, and corridors

No need for multiple cameras! The new AXIS Q3819-PVE Panoramic Camera delivers a seamless 180° view of extensive areas, and with 14 MP resolution, provides excellent image usability for quick and intuitive situational awareness. Built-in motors allow the camera to tilt, pan, or roll on demand. Learn more

Ideal for city and regional councils, courts, airports, hospitals, shopping mall carparks, and more.


The new AXIS P3715-PLVE Network Camera allows easy, around-the-clock monitoring of two different areas with one camera, and uses 360° IR to cope with challenging lighting. Customers can count on excellent overviews and detailed coverage due to the brilliant design of this cost-effective solution. The Network Camera can tilt, pan, or roll on demand. Learn more

Ideal for school and hospital corridors, hallways, and more.




Body-worn camera – for public conflict, police, supermarket security, parking wardens, safety & evidence

The new AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera is easy-to-use, lightweight, and robust, and comes with an operating time of 12+ hours. It delivers sharp images even in challenging conditions, has dual mics for excellent audio and noise suppression, and is compatible with most available mounting options. Users can store unlimited footage without compromising image quality, and there’s a free mobile app. Learn more

Ideal for everyday policing, crowd control, evidence collection, and more.  




Explosion protected camera – for hazardous areas, and potentially combustible environments

The new F101-A XF P1377 Explosion-Protected Camera delivers sharp images of people and objects even in challenging light conditions. It’s internationally certified (NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx and INMETRO) and can withstand temperatures between -40° C to 55° C. A new generation chip offers improved imaging, enhanced security features, extended capabilities for analytics and significantly more efficient video compression. Learn more

Ideal for energy, mining, fuel, ports, and more.


Security radar – for outdoor detection, perimeters, and parking lots

The new AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar is a smart, network-based device that uses advanced radar technology to offer extensive 24/7, 180° area protection. Built-in analytics enable accurate detection, classification, and tracking of people and vehicles with a low false alarm rate, resulting in a cost-efficient operation that leaves security personnel free to focus on real threats. Learn more

Ideal for outdoor installations such as industrial areas, after-hours monitoring of parking lots, loading docks, ports, harbours, and more.



Challenging surveillance environments need high quality, purpose-built speciality solutions

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