Printing on the move

Bixolon is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of mobile receipt printers.

Today’s transactions are processed on the move – from ordering a meal, to buying a ticket to paying for onsite appliance repairs – mobile apps are the norm, not the exception.

But these apps still need a physical receipt, or ticket, or label – and the printing solution needs to be just as mobile as the app. They need to be physically small, light, even wearable and have full connectivity options. Mobile business apps need portable printers that can work anywhere and everywhere.

Bixolon specialise in ensuring that your printing solution is just as mobile as your app, so you can deliver fast and efficient on-the-spot service.

Printers for all industries

Bixolon’s leading edge mobile printers provide solutions for a range of industries and applications:

  • Hospitality – customer payment receipts, kitchen printing, printout of ordered goods and labelling of ingredients

  • Ticketing – printing tickets for travel and check-in, theatre and events, lottery and ballots
  • Transport and Logistics – receipts for post and parcel delivery, shipping labels and reverse logistics. Even receipts for in-flight sales on aircraft.
  • Healthcare – printing of patient wristbands, medical records, prescriptions and labels for samples
  • Public Sector – printing of traffic and parking infringement notices, queue busting at government payment offices
  • Field workforce – store delivery receipts, invoices for product repairs, inventory tracking labels
  • Retail – point of sale receipts, label printers for product and shelf labelling, printing of coupons and offers
  • Manufacturing and RFID – inventory label printing, cross docking