Consumables purchasing made simple

You’ve sold a system, it’s up and running and going great – until your customer runs out of paper in the receipt printer, or the ribbon in your printer has printed its last, or their stock of labels has dwindled.

Your client’s business needs more than just IT equipment in order to run efficiently – they need a ready supply of Eftpos consumables, and the right quality consumables, to get the best out of their technology investment.

Sektor understands the importance of retail consumables, and the needs of their customers to be able to keep supplies up to date. So we’ve introduced the Calibor range of high quality consumables to complement the technology they provide and to keep your business running smoothly.

Self-service for speed and ease

We get that, unlike a technology decision, purchasing retail consumables doesn’t require specialist support, and neither you nor your end customers really want to have to have a conversation every time they need to order paper or ribbon.  So we have made consumables ordering easy, with the Calibor online store to allow your end customers to order exactly what they need. 

Your end customer simply sets up their profile on the Calibor website, with their frequently purchased items, their delivery address(es), and billing details. Calibor can cope with complex requirements, such as independent ordering by branches, with consolidated invoicing to head office. And you don’t miss out on the sale, as your customers can pay you for the goods directly, or pay Calibor, who will rebate you.

Calibor offers a full range of ID cards, cleaning kits, thermal transfer ribbons, labels, thermal paper rolls (including custom), wristbands and ink.  

With Sektor’s expertise in logistics, stock is assured and delivery is swift and reliable.

Calibor helps you to add another level of service to your customers.