Sektor Ltd  last updated 13/03/2021


COVID-19 Updates from Sektor

At COVID alert level 1, Sektor is business as usual (with the addition of appropriate hygiene and tracing in place).

Auckland Office

Our Auckland office is open for business as usual with physical distancing procedures in place. Some of the sales staff are working from home so please check your Sektor contact’s whereabouts before visiting the office.


Supply Chain Delays

We have significantly increased our run-rate stock holding and forward ordering to support our partners. However, we are unable to control extended manufacturing lead times and shipping delays and we are encouraging customers to order well in advance of requirements to avoid disappointment.


We are currently receiving a large number of enquiries in relation to lead times for Zebra products. We are working closely with Zebra to improve delivery dates where possible and appreciate your patience.

Port Delays

The Port of Auckland and Port of Tauranga are both still heavily congested and there are still significant delays at present. Port of Tauranga is on an average 14 days behind in moving containers to Auckland. Berth windows at Ports of Auckland remain suspended and vessels are being worked on based on arrivals. Ports of Auckland have advised that the average delay is approx 7-10 days.

Air Freight

Many products which were previously shipped via air freight are now being shipped via sea freight. This has seen lead times extended on many products and additional charges may be applicable where transit via air freight is essential.


Accurate and detailed information is not always available, but we are endeavouring to update all ETAs as soon as we are advised. Back order reports are updated with any new ETA information overnight and available via our web portal.