Sektor Ltd  last updated 11/1/2022


COVID-19 Updates from Sektor

Fully Operational

We have transitioned most staff to work from home. The Auckland office is open with the warehouse and support teams operating as normal. We would prefer to deliver orders directly to site but where that is not possible orders can still be collected from our Auckland warehouse. We have been able to maintain a full inventory and have most products available.


Collecting Goods from our Auckland Warehouse

If you have nominated that you would like to collect goods, we will email you a confirmation when the goods are ready for collection. Please ensure that the person collecting the goods has a copy of the confirmation email and ID/Licence before they come to our warehouse. A photo from a mounted webcam will be taken of the collector’s ID instead of a signature, to ensure a non-contact process.

Collection of goods via reception is not available at this time – please proceed directly to our warehouse collection point.

The person collecting the goods must be wearing a mask and maintain 2m social distancing.

Collections times:
Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4 pm


Sektor Premises Vaccination Policy

To ensure the safety of all staff and to meet the requirements now being mandated by some of our partners, the following policy is effective from Friday, 3 December 2021.

Any person (staff, contractor or visitor) entering Sektor’s premises in New Zealand must meet 1 of the following criteria;

  • Provide evidence of being fully vaccinated
  • Provide evidence of a negative PCR test within 72 hours

On Entry to Sektor premises, each person (including visitors and staff) must:

  • Be wearing a mask
  • Scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer App
  • Sanitise hands
  • Present your Vaccine Pass or negative PCR test as outlined above

Booking your visit ahead is strongly encouraged. Please arrange your visit with your Sektor contact or call 0800 735 867 or email

NOTE: The vaccine pass/PCR test requirements do not apply for goods delivery or pick up, as this does not require entry into the building and is handled with stringent social distancing.



Contacting our Team

You can still contact us on our office phone numbers, however, you may prefer to contact our sales staff directly on their mobile phones. The mobile phone number of your account manager is displayed when you are logged into our website.


Supply Chain Delays

We have significantly increased our run-rate stock holding and forward ordering to support our partners. However, we are unable to control extended manufacturing lead times and shipping delays and we are encouraging customers to order well in advance of requirements to avoid disappointment.

Manufacturing Delays

With ongoing component supply shortages and increased global demand, we have seen longer manufacturing from our Vendors. We are working closely with all our partners to improve delivery dates where possible and appreciate your patience. If you know your customers are planning to place the orders, we recommend they order well in advance to ensure they can hit their expected rollout dates.

Port Delays

The Port of Auckland and Port of Tauranga are both still heavily congested and there are still significant delays at present. Port of Tauranga is on an average 14 days behind in moving containers to Auckland. Berth windows at Ports of Auckland remain suspended and vessels are being worked on based on arrivals. Ports of Auckland have advised that the average delay is approx 7-10 days.

Air Freight

Many products which were previously shipped via air freight are now being shipped via sea freight. This has seen lead times extended on many products and additional charges may be applicable where transit via air freight is essential.

ETAs and Backorders

Accurate and detailed information is not always available, but we are endeavouring to update all ETAs as soon as we are advised. Backorder reports are updated with any new ETA information overnight and available via our web portal when you sign in to your Sektor website account
How to review your backorders and etas on our website
How to use our website (all video tutorials)