COVID-19 Updates from Sektor

Rhys Warren, Sektor CEO 18/03/2020

Message from Rhys Warren, Sektor CEO

As a valued customer we want to keep you up to date on the actions Sektor is taking to keep you, your staff and our staff safe during this rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

We continue to monitor communications from trusted sources such as NZ Government, its agencies and international organisations, such as the World Health Organisation on a daily basis to ensure we are doing our part as the country tries to limit the possible spread of COVID-19.

We ask you to please take some time to read this message and our continuing communication for regular updates as we work to implement new procedures so that we can continue to support your business requirements.


Business continuity

We are working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that there is a steady supply of goods available and the team is communicating regularly with our vendors on supply and logistics impacts so that these can be best accommodated to suit your needs. We are practising social distancing and encouraging our customers to opt in to have their orders shipped to their office or customer sites where possible however for when this is not possible, we have a new collections process in place that will allow products to be collected with limited contact.

We have received notification from our courier service provider of their new delivery procedure for any deliveries which can be found HERE, where they no longer require signature verification for proof of delivery.

We are advising our staff to limit the number of face to face meetings and customer visits however we are continuing to do these via available digital platforms and where possible we would encourage you to take advantage of this.



Sektor now has a policy of no international travel for our staff until further notice. We believe it is in the best interest of all Sektor staff to also stop non-urgent domestic travel at this time. 


What else is Sektor doing to limit COVID-19?

Sektor is doing a number of things to help keep our staff, partners and vendors safe.

  • We have stepped up the cleaning of the offices and high use areas
  • We have hand sanitiser stationed at various points around all offices
  • We are communicating with resellers and vendors the need to cancel all non-urgent face to face meetings and moving to virtual meetings
  • We have signs on office doors and warehouse for visitors advising who is able to visit and what steps they must take to keep our staff and visitors safe if they do enter
  • We have cancelled all Sektor events and conferences we were attending at this time
  • We have implemented the NZ Government’s advice around the practice of social distancing (1.5m) and how we greet each other (no handshake, hugs, kisses or hongi’s)
  • We have asked staff to cancel any hotdesking where they hotdesk at resellers sites or where resellers or vendors hotdesk at our sites.
  • We have asked staff to self-isolate for 14 days if they or a member of their family has come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19
  • We have advised staff not to come into work if they are not feeling well and to follow the Ministry of Health’s advice on good hygiene
  • We are running a remote work from home trial


As the COVID-19 situation changes, our plans and policies might change as well, so please keep reading our communication. Our business is still going strongly and we are keen to ensure that yours continues similarly. Staying connected is more important than ever, so please reach out to me if you have any unanswered questions or contact one of the Sektor team.



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