The smarts behind self-service kiosks

Chances are that you have used a Custom product without seeing it – Custom are leaders in specialist printers for kiosks and OEM equipment. Their products are embedded into a range of self-service kiosks and industry equipment to print receipts, ATM slips, tickets, boarding passes, baggage tags, parking tickets and at –the-pump petrol receipts.

Whether you are building a self-service kiosk for flight check-in, for car park payment, for cash, to place a bet, or to buy fuel, you need to be sure that the input and output devices that provide the service to your customers are of the highest quality, durability and usability,

Designed for reliability in an unmanned environment

By definition, self-service equipment is largely unmanned and needs to operate without intervention, often 24 hours a day. Custom are experts in high reliability, long-life print heads, cutters and their own patented anti-jamming technology, helping kiosk providers to produce kiosks that deliver customer service day in, day out. 

Your kiosks need not only printers, but a range of input and output devices – and Custom provides these too -  including magnetic chip card readers, RFID and barcode scanners and NFC devices – all with bluetooth and wireless connectivity options, enabling you to deliver the self-service reliability and ease of use your customers demand.

Custom’s expertise in self-service is complemented by a complete range of POS solutions, built on the same principles of reliability and serviceability. Designed to combine performance with effective use of space, the range includes POS PCs, mobile printers, and peripherals.