Automated data capture for business process efficiency

Efficiency is the holy grail of business processes – whether in managing a supply chain, operating a retail business or providing healthcare.  Shaving time and effort from processes, cutting costs and making the most of resources is the goal and automated data capture is one of the biggest drivers towards that goal.  - using scanning technology to read barcode data, track goods, lookup information and update records.

Datalogic are a leader in automated data capture systems. They offer data capture PDT devices and barcode products for warehouse and retail floor staff, they are the world No. 1 in bioptic scanners for retail checkouts and have trail-blazed with unattended tunnel scanners.

ADC in use

Transport and logistics organisations use barcode scanning to track goods from factory to warehouse.

In retail, checkouts would not function effectively without automated data capture for price lookup and inventory update.

Hospitals and healthcare providers use barcoded id tags to track patients, and scannable labels on equipment, medication and samples, to ensure patient safety and correct treatment and accurate medical records.

A commitment to innovation

Datalogic is committed to innovation, resulting in the ground-breaking unattended tunnel scanner.  It is used in retail for high speed checkout, in transportation for tracking parcels through depots, and in packing sheds in primary industries. 

Another example of Datalogic’s innovative approach is in the materials used for healthcare scanners. Based on research proving that shared devices are a significant source of acquired infection in hospitals, Datalogic introduced medical grade scanning devices –disinfectant ready, and made from antimicrobial plastics. 

Datalogic’s customer service is second to none – they have a team of local technicians, with decades of experience and offer a comprehensive warranty (which even includes accidental damage), with a fast turnaround. Many businesses rely on automated data capture and know they can depend on Datalogic to keep them scanning.