Zebra EC30 - The Perfect Companion



The Zebra EC30 is designed to help increase the productivity of unconnected workers, saving sales opportunities and driving efficient customer service.

Zebra understands the world of retail and hospitality and has designed the EC30 specifically with your clients’ unconnected staff in mind:

  • Communication with the rest of the organisation, through
  • Push to talk (PTT)
  • Internal phone network (PBX)
  • Secure text messaging
  • Full scan capability, with Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for real-time updates to business applications
  • Weighs under 120 grams and less than 1.5cm thick, perfect for use as a hand-held, wearable or pocketable device
  • Android OS for familiarity, future proofing and ease of fleet management
  • Battery power for an entire shift - no loss of productivity to recharge
  • Resistant to dust, rain, spills (IP54), knocks and high/low temps - built for the real-world of retail and hospitality
  • 3in capacitive screen for clear information and gloved-finger touch

If your retail and hospitality clients have unconnected staff, they need to know about the Zebra EC30. Get the conversation started by speaking to the mobility experts at Sektor.



To learn more about the Zebra EC30 companion PDT, talk to the retail mobility experts at Sektor today.

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