Global leader in touch screens

Touch screens have become the standard interface to many systems, offering significantly better productivity and ease of use than a keyboard and mouse.

ELO is the world leader in the development and production of touch screens, recognised as the industry standard followed by many other manufacturers. Consistently innovative, they invented Surface Acoustic Wave, one of the five main forms of touch technology.   

Industries and applications

ELO products are used with point of sale systems, as controllers for industrial machinery and for kiosks.  Their large format (up to 70in) touch screens and digital signage are used in boardrooms, museums, interpretive displays and for team-based scheduling and planning. 

They specialise in ensuring a long life for each product, particularly focussing on consistency of specification and mounting – this is of particular value to clients who build kiosks. A kiosk is designed for a specific screen mount and changes mean literally going back to the drawing board. ELO ensures that changes to products, for example ratios or brightness, do not affect its mounting profile.

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I-Series 3.0 Digital Signage for Android

The new I-Series delivers a reliable, commercial-grade solution with the flexibility and functionality of Google™ Play Services. Based on a unified architecture, Elo's Android-powered devices make it easy to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Wallaby™ Self-Service Stands

The Wallaby line of self-service stands can streamline installation of interactive experiences in high-traffic public environments. Create a unified approach to any customer experience in point of sale and self-service applications.


EloPOS™ E3

The versatile EloPOS System combines modern aesthetics, modular flexibility and commercial-grade reliability. Purpose-built for point of sale, it offers a 15.6-inch touchscreen display, choice of Intel’s 8th generation processors and an integrated expansion hub to connect the peripherals you need!



ELO Solutions

Point of Sale

ELO designs their POS Solutions to offer flexibility across environments. Whether you need a fixed-lane point-of-sale or a self-order solution, ELO can help ensure that every touch delivers the experience your employees need and your customers want.

Self Service

As consumer journeys evolve, so do the store concepts. ELO's versatile, modular solutions offer innovative ways to adapt your experience easily to meet consumers’ changing behaviour. Self service allows your business to empower customers and alleviate pain points during their retail journey.

Touchscreen Signage

ELO's commerical-grade interactive displays are designed to captivate your audience. From interactive in-store displays to Kiosks, ELO touchscreens create high-impact experiences. Give your customers the best of online convenience in-store with a variety of endless aisle touchscreen solutions.



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