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The healthcare industry continues to experience dramatic changes with the onset of the COVID19, increased regulatory pressures and the need to create an environment to keep patients and workers safe.

Honeywell understands the challenges that hospitals and healthcare providers are facing, and have developed hardware and software solutions to help organizations shape the future towards safe and efficient healthcare workflows.


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Honeywell Mobility Devices for Improved Clinician Workflow

Watch our latest videos on the CT-40HC handheld mobile computer, PC23D printer and 1952 healthcare scanners and their use applications:




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Disinfectant Ready Housing

Many of devices used in healthcare are shared from one shift to the next among workers. It is highly recommended that organizations adopt protocols and procedures for routine cleaning and disinfecting devices for employee health and safety.

Cleaning and disinfecting are the first steps to disease and infection control, so it is vital that devices used in healthcare environments can withstand the harsh cleaning chemicals without compromising the lifespan or integrity of the unit – all while protecting a healthcare organization’s investment.

Honeywell healthcare devices are built with Disinfectant-Ready Housing (DRH) and can do just that.

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Create a full solution from Honeywell software to get the most out of your
Honeywell healthcare devices


The all-in-one unified communication software solution for mobile devices. Honeywell Smart Device enabled associates are always connected and able to access critical information from company headquarters, on the sales floor, or in the backroom, minimizing contact and continuing to maintain a safe distance between others, while keeping their focus on meeting shopper needs.


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Operational Intelligence

The Operational Intelligence platform is a solution for whole-lifecycle management and optimization of devices. The solution provides users with an exception-based management capability that reduces management effort while enhancing business insight and visibility.


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