HP Engage One Essential

Point of sale technology is essential for the smooth running of stores, pop-ups, restaurants and bars, as well as being used in banking, transport and logistics, healthcare and many other industries.

Not everyone needs the top of the range, full bells-and-whistles POS. Some need the essentials, at an affordable price. But everyone still wants the reassurance of a reliable, leading brand. That’s why HP have introduced the Engage One Essential. All the sleek design, durability and reliability your clients have come to know and love from HP, as a world-leading POS provider. But without the high price tag of the top-of-the range models.


Built to last


Sustainably focused


Supported by HP


The Engage One Essential does exactly what it says - provides the essentials that your clients need in a POS

  • Powerful processing - a Pentium and a Celeron configuration to tackle any workload
  • Tough - fanless, fully sealed and with an IP54 rating to cope with challenging environments
  • Easy interface - 14” touch screen making life simple for users
  • All in one - integrated card reader, keeping the design sleek and counters uncluttered
  • In stock - ready to order from Sektor, whenever you need it
  • Support - HP’s 3-year, on-site warranty

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