No Compromise Mobile Computing for Mid-Tier Businesses

The Zebra MC2200/MC2700 offers no-compromise keypad mobile computing for smaller and mid-tier retail, warehousing, manufacturing, field service and delivery businesses. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the MC2200 caters for traditional ‘inside the four walls’ keypad applications such as warehouse picking and packing, and retail price check or stock-take. But keypad mobile computing is no longer confined to Wi-Fi and the MC2700 model takes it outside the four walls with 4G support for managing yard stock, PoD, asset tracking or pop up stores.

The MC2200 and MC2700 Series touch computers can do it all - making managing a mobile computing fleet much easier for your customers’ IT team. And being Zebra, it’s an SME device that packs an oversized punch, with all the features that make Zebra the keypad mobile computing platform of choice, for businesses of any size.

To top it all off, customers can use the MC2700 WiFi/cellular models in large outdoor spaces where there is poor coverage or a WiFi network is too expensive to deploy and maintain

Key Features:

  • The latest version of Android - comes with Android 10 as standard
  • Mobility tools - Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) provides more than 100 features to add to Android to improve security, data capture support, wireless connectivity and device manageability.
  • Future-proofing - the MC2200/2700 is Android 11 ready
  • Powerful processor - the MC2200/2700 uses the same SD660 processor as its enterprise ‘big brother’
  • Enterprise-class data capture - first-time every time capture even if the barcode is damaged, dirty or smudged.
  • Powerful battery - one charge lasts for up to two full shifts or up to 23 hours with the extended battery.
  • Rugged - Water, dust, drops, snow, rain, heat, cold - the MC2200/2700 doesn’t miss a beat.

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