Press Release: Sektor takes customers into the future

Sektor Ltd 04/12/2018

Silicon Valley study tour attendees will hear from innovators, disruptors and leading thinkers

Sektor today announced that it will mark 10 years of helping customers to build leading technology solutions by taking 125 of those customers to San Francisco for a study tour of Silicon Valley. The ‘Bridge to the future’ tour will look forward to the next 10 years, and offers the opportunity for participants to learn from the wisdom and insights of industry thought leaders, disruptors and innovators.

Rhys Warren, Sektor CEO, said: “At Sektor, our aim is not just to sell technology, but to help our customers ‘think big and think forward’, so that they can provide advice and solutions that make a real difference to their clients’ business.“

“We want our customers to return with their heads buzzing with possibilities – and with insights about how retail, logistics and warehousing will look in 2025 and beyond.”

“We’re aiming to get them thinking courageously– the level of innovation they will see is scary and we know it may well make them uncomfortable. This isn’t just about tweaking what they’re doing now, and it’s certainly not about new product releases – we’ll be looking at completely new business models.“

“Ultimately this will be a very uplifting experience – we hope it will give the attendees space to contemplate what their clients will need for business success in 2025 and the skills to help deliver it.“

The tour itinerary includes:

  • Stanford University 
    • How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform industries
    • Innovation, creativity, storytelling and design – and their commercialisation
  • Berkeley University - Blockchain and its relevance to payment and supply chain ecosystems. 
  • Google’s “Area 120”- corporate incubator
  • Amazon - their customer obsessed culture and the strategies
  • Target Open House – technology lab and retail space in San Francisco
  • Generation warehousing and logistics start ups - their vision for the future 
  • Walmart Retail Innovation Centre - Store No 8, the innovation cluster developing next generation retail tech

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