Seal Shield

Making hospitals safer by controlling infection

Infection control is essential in hospitals and medical facilities – exposure of patients to acquired, antibiotic-resistant infections such as MRSA poses a significant health risk, especially to those who already have a low immunity. It also represents a major drain on already tight hospital budgets. Health IT products have become an integral part of healthcare provision, but due to the shared nature of their use, it is now recognised that unless their sanitisation is managed, they play a significant part in the spread of infection.  A US study found that as many as 25% of hospital keyboards tested positive MRSA, but daily disinfecting was an effective deterrent to cross contamination.

Seal Shield help hospitals in their fight against the spread of infection with their mobile device disinfection solutions to sanitise shared medical technology.

Effective sanitisation for IT equipment

Seal Shield offer medical grade keyboards, mice, screen protectors and TV remotes (remote controls have been shown by numerous studies to be one of the most hazardous objects we touch). They are all developed to be waterproof and antimicrobial – the two most important characteristics in terms of stopping the spread of infection.  Being 100% waterproof (certified to IP-68, the highest rating against ingress of liquid), they can be cleaned with sprays or wipes, or even fully immersed in bleach or put through a commercial dishwasher.  They are made from anti-microbial material that protects against viruses, fungi, mould, mildew and odour causing bacteria. 

For tablets and mobile phones, Seal Shield are breaking ground with their patented Electro-Clave solution, which combines charging, synchronising and sterilising. The ElectroClave uses UV-C light for 360 degree sterilisation, killing 99.9% of pathogens on all sides of the device, a significant step forward in the reduction of infection.