Let’s unburden the delivery of care 

Improve clinician workflow for truly transformative healthcare outcomes with Zebra Technologies

There is a massive and growing shortage of healthcare workers to deliver quality care. 

Our caregivers are stressed, stretched to their 
limites and running on empty.
Zebra healthcare solutions can help to close the gap and restore caregivers’ time, leading to truly transformative healthcare outcomes: 



Zebra is purpose built from the ground up for healthcare.

Zebra healthcare-grade solutions are designed for the patient care environment, with the safety, durability, ease and efficiency caregivers need.

  • Constructed with disinfectant-ready plastics
  • UV-resistant housing to support UV cleaning protocols
  • Stand up to regular sanitizing with harsh chemicals
  • Sealed button interfaces
  • Screw holes are covered and crevices and seams are minimised