90% of all retail transactions are still completed in the physical store.

With the growing complexities of the modern retail landscape, the physical store is still key for retailers wanting to improve their business outcomes.

Add value for your retail customers by offering them the latest retail-centric solutions that address the importance of the physical store.

Axis Communications has solutions for tackling stock shrinkage and safety issues with network security cameras; video analytic apps to capitalise on valuable data from customer foot traffic to optimise store layout, staff allocations, more effective marketing campaigns and more; plus smart network audio to match the customer experience they have with the brand.



Smart Video Analytics

Visible intelligence about instore customers

Get better customer behaviour and store activity insight – then ensure that your staff rapidly engages to convert sales and customer experience opportunities. Every hour of every business day.

  • Monitor in-store queues
  • Re-allocate your staff in real time
  • Review how well campaigns and merchandising attract targeted shopper segments

For multiple branches, Axis Store Reporter can easily compare data from multiple site for actionable insights across branches.

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People Counter

Ideal for evaluation of marketing efforts, improving staff and store planning, or evaluating conversion rate if combined with point-of-sale data


Queue Monitor

Provides statistics about queue duration and queue fluctuations over the course of the day, facilitating both staff planning and the comparison between store locations


Demographic Identifier

Detects visitor gender and age, that when combined with Axis People Counter statistics, turns visitor information into valuable intel for merchandising and marketding optimisation. 


Occupancy Estimator

Determines number of people in an area and average visit time; ideal for improving service planning in places like shopping malls or entertainment venues.


Smart Connected Audio

Audio doesn’t have to be hard

Shoppers react to sound much faster than any other senses. Enhance store ambiance for a cohesive brand experience, with Axis network audio speakers that are easy to install and manage.

  • Play pre-recorded, live announcements or background music
  • All in one unit
  • Easy single cable plug and go
  • Built in management software

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Smart Network Security

Take proactive steps towards loss and harm prevention

Protect slim margins, combat stock shrinkage and safety issues, with Axis network security cameras.

  • Access live or pre-recorded footage anywhere, anytime
  • Digital recordings are high quality and non-degradable, allowing ease of suspect identification after incidents
  • Real time alarms sent via email or mobile - save time wasted attending to false alarms
  • Scalable – easy to add one camera at a time

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Work smarter, not harder. Get in touch for more info on how Axis smart retail technology can improve business outcomes for your retail customers.

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