Hush Acoustics - Silence Done Right

Hush pods are independent spaces in your office, designed for your individual needs.

Modern workplaces are adapting to the needs of the people who perform their jobs in them. More and more employees express the desire to find acoustic solutions which would let them work in peace and be more effective.

The best solutions should be flexible and inexpensive to implement, and this is exactly what Hush Office provide.



Featured Products


Office phone calls have never been so comfortable. Providing special zones for phone calls and video conferences has become one of the crucial elements of an office that is friendly and open to the needs of employees.


Hush Work is a new approach to individual work. This solution allows you to create dedicated spaces for focused work. Advanced acoustic solutions ensure high comfort for the user while increasing the feeling of privacy.


Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office, where it is possible to hold meetings in silence. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds, and the enclosed form provides a feeling of privacy.


Hush Meet Open was designed for informal office meetings. The semi-open form ensures accessibility, while the couches are exceptionally comfortable. Hush Meet Open supports creativity and an openness to new ideas.




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